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Graham’s Blog

Published on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Graham’s Blog

Starcraft 20.62-2 Outback

Graham’s Blog


I have finally made it into Qld after 18 Mths touring NSW, I don’t do anything quick anymore as I have learnt to slow down.


I am having a great time touring this big country of ours, been to lovely towns, campsites as well as I have met some great people along the way.


Seen the new Starcraft Outback (21-66-3 & 21-66-30B)  with the slide out, wow that looks good could be my next van, although I am more than happy with the one I have.


From here to Emerald, Rockhampton up to Cairns down to Charters Towers across to Mt Isa down to Alice Springs, Port Augusta and then to Ceduna for the oyster festival in late September and onto the Nullabour across to WA to do the West Coast, Kimberley, Darwin and back into Queensland ………….. Well that the plan but my plans do change!


I am back on the air not sure for how long though

I have been to Undara Experience to see the Lava Tubes and to catch up with a friend who was also staying there

See pics above. I am actually standing in a Lava Tube and taking a pic looking at the entrance ………. Amazing experience the other pic is the camp kitchen which did cooked meals every night ………… very nice as I didn’t have to cook

From there I free camped @ Fletchers Creek

Then on to Campaspe River instead of Charters Towers as the parks were booked out due to the show. I am at Hughenden to top up the water and power supply.

Then on to Julia Creek, Mount Isa, The Marbles, and Alice Springs – I know that I will be on the air again at Alice


Hi All

I have made to Alice Springs after 4 days from Mt Isa, taking my time although I did 510k in the one day – I slept really well that night Karen

Arrived here around 11am haven’t been for a look around the town as yet, plenty of time as I am here for 16 nights.

The highlight coming from Mt Isa would of been a sleepover at The Devils Marbles – see attached pics.

Absolutely fantastic camp and the scenery especially with the full moon was incredible

As I am now heading south the nights have really cooled down to around 4 deg, but the days are pleasant at around mind to high 20’s

Back later

I have arrived at Kalgoorlie after doing another few bush camps on the way.

Staying a Discovery Boulder very tight sites cannot have the awning out as there is no room on the site no wonder I enjoy camping in the bush.

Went to the Kalgoorlie Hotel for lunch and the off for a look around, the old buildings in the infamous Hannan St are really nice with the old architecture.

Went to the Superpit which is a big a very big hole in the ground, they extract gold from the big hole

When I leave Kalgoorlie which is next Thursday, I will be heading North before turning around and going to Esperance, I am staying at Menzies and having a look around the towns of Menzies, Leonora, Kookynie and the bush for a couple of nights at Niagara Dam. These towns were big in the gold days but now they are now one horse towns with old  outback country pubs

This week I am driving to Broadarrow and Orabanda for the day, again old mining towns

I have made it to Ceduna, after staying at 2 bush camps between here and Port Augusta see above pictures

I plan to stay in Ceduna until 16th October before heading across the Nullarbor

 See below for a link to the Ceduna Oyster Festival which I am looking forward to

After leaving the Menzies / Kalgoorlie area I headed south to Esperance WA after bush camping in 2 areas 

From there I headed to Salmon Gums for a night, a beautiful little park run by the community at $15 per night for a powered site, no TV but had internet and mobile reception (Telstra) which was a good thing.

On arriving  the day after at Esperance, I headed for the Pink Lake Caravan Park where I spent the next few weeks including Christmas and New Years Eve, this park was very crowded but considering the time of if is to be expected

During my stay at Esperance, I visited Cape Le Grand, Lucky Bay and Hell Fire Bay. This is a National Park the scenery around this area is nothing short of spectacular

While staying at Esperance I also did the Great Marine Drive several times, the road takes you around the foreshore of the Southern Ocean with great bays to look at on the way as well as a wind farm, finally finishing at the Pink Lake.

The lake is no longer pink due to the run off of chemicals from farms around the lake, there is a pink lake off shore, you can get a helicopter to take you there, I decided against that idea -  Albany and beyond -  Cape Le Grand NP - 

Great Marine Drive / Southern Ocean pics

Hi All, Yesterday I went for a walk (a big walk actually) around the Kalbarri National Park and wow am I sore around the calf and thigh muscles, my newest best friends say that it is good for me, not sure if any sort of pain is good for a ageing body

with 6 pictures are of Denham near Monkey Mia, 320k south of Carnarvon (which is where I am now) and 375k north of Kalbarri.

I decided not to go into Monkey Mia cause you have to pay to even get into the town see the below link

This is the first town that I have ever heard of that you have to pay to go into, I was going to have a look around Monkey Mia and maybe have lunch and a coffee there …………….. changed my mind Ord River @ sunset,

– Lake Argyle and the boat to pick us all up to take us back to Kununurra,Argyle Homestead,

– Warmun Roadhouse

                           I had to give my licence to the staff member before getting any Diesel, if you pay for the fuel then you get your licence back, if you don’t pay then they keep your licence

                           They say it is because they are isolated ( and they are ) have had drive through’s but not since this has been introduced. Been to a few isolated servo’s first time I have struck this.

Since my last update I have travelled from Derby to Kununurra which is up the top of WA and only 36 kms from the NT/WA border, I camped at Ngumban Cliff Rest Area for 1 night, the pics are attached to this email

The other day I did a tour with JJJ Tours of Lake Argyle by bus and the on a boat down the Ord River back to Kununurra,

I leave here on Wednesday 30th May and head for Darwin after stopping 3 nights at bush camps on the way. I  am due arrive in Darwin on the 3rd June for 21 nights before heading south to cooler weather 

– Darwin CBD, Darwin is a lot smaller than I expected but still heaps to see and do. 

 Check this out for a menu, The sunset beach market ,

the Jumping Crocs’ Boat Trip

Pic 966 – Life Jackets on board the boat, go figure ????

Pic 032 – Safety First !


More Crocs

Hi All

I am now in Katherine enjoying the cooler nights, the days are still hot much the same as Darwin, since arriving in Katherine I have seen the Kimberley Outback Experience and the Katherine Gorge

Click on the below links for more details

The following 7 emails are of the Katherine area

On Monday I will be leaving Katherine, maybe staying at the Daly River Pub on the way south to 3 Ways, then on to Mt Isa where it will be a lot cooler and boy am I looking forward to that.

Pic 312 – Speed Limit on the Stewart Highway from Darwin to the NT / SA border.

Pic 321 – Katherine River


Katherine Gorge

Pic 339 – Water Buffalo

Pic 336 – Laying on the horse

Pic 329 – Outback Experience

Pic 334 – Outback Experience

Pic 324 – Welcome to Katherine

Pic 327 – Outback Experience

Hi all

At the moment I am in Longreach, what I have seen so far this is a really nice place with lots to see (and spend your money on) more of Longreach in a later email

Since my last emails which were from Mt Isa, I have stayed at Winton and a couple of bush camps along the way

You should receive 7 emails with attach picsPic 083 – John Flynn Place, this is where John Flynn, the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service began his operation. If he knew what the RFDS has become today he would turn over in his grave

Pic 087 – John Flynn Museum

Pic 108 – Looks sort of real !!!

Pic 110 – The Waltzing Matilda Centre at Winton

Pic 127 – Boo ! Probably thinking I don’t want to be here

Pic 137 – Bush camp at Long Water Hole near Winton

Pic 116 – The Jolly Swagman

Pic 52 & 154 – Darr River Rest Area bush camp just outside Longreach

Until next time when I leave Longreach and have more pics to email …….. bye for now

 119 – Outback humour


Hi All

Since my last updates I have travelled from Dubbo to Creswick which is where I am now.  The following 10 emails are the pictures taken from Parkes (NSW) to Rochester (Vic).

Pic 407 – The telescope @ Parkes from where the movie The Dish was made Pic 422 – The closest I have been to Albury for a long while

Pic 006 – Caravan Park @ Griffith with the optional ensuite

Pic 425a – Plane in the CBD of Griffith

How the following pics of the oranges are attached to wire frames taken at the Griffith Orange Festival

Pic 427 = A carrot

Pic 013 – Murrumbidgee River @ Sandy Point in Hay


Pic 020 – Bush camp @ Sandy Point

Pic 054 & 039 – Bush camp on the Edwards River in Deniliquin

Pic 044 – A bird found a friend

Pic 082 – Silos @ Rochester

Pic 084 & 085 – Silos @ Rochester

That’s all for now from Creswick I’m off to Ballarat (now that’s a big drive) to stay with friends I met in Alice Springs for a week then heading towards Lake Bolac, Dunkeld, Hamilton and then to Mt Gambier for Christmas.



When I left Creswick, I headed to Ballarat to stay with friends that I met at Alice Springs some time ago now, it was great to be shown around the Ballarat area and to catch up with Gordon & Marilyn.


I will be back in Ballarat during the months of May, June and July next year to house sit as Gordon & Marilyn are off overseas to catch up with their son, I asked if they could post pone there trip till later when it is a little warmer, they were not that interested in doing that.


At present I am in Dunkeld, which is a small town on the southern end of the Grampians, from here I’m off for a few days bush camping at a place called Fort O’Hare which is near Dartmoor on the Glenelg River between Dunkeld and Mt Gambier. See the below link for more details


From Fort O’Hare I have a short drive to Mt Gambier where I will be staying till around end March 2019


The following 9 emails are pics of Ballarat, Dunkeld and The Grampians



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